In the United States alone, there are around 28 million small businesses. Of course, there is a reason for this. Having a small business is one of the best ways to work toward financial independence.  

However, you’ve got to keep in mind that not all small businesses are arranged for success. The truth is that around 2/3 of businesses with workers survive at least 2 years.  

Thus, if you want to have a small business, you might be in for a real challenge. Well, you should not worry. Here are a couple of tips you can follow that can go with your SMB ideas

Pick the Right Business Structure 

A small business can be an LLC (limited liability company), a partnership, a corporation, or a sole proprietorship. The business entity you pick will influence a lot of aspects, from how you file your taxes, to your liability, to your business name. 

You might pick an initial business structure, and then change and reevaluate the structure as your business improves and requires change. It might be worth investing in a consultation from a CPA or lawyer to guarantee you’re making the correct structure option. This depends on your business’ complexity. 

Plan Your Capitals 

You do not need to have a lot of cash if you want to start a small business. However, you will need some initial investment. Aside from that, you’ve got to cover ongoing costs before you’re turning a profit. You’ve got to create a spreadsheet that assesses the one-time startup costs for your business. Also, you’ve got to include what you expect you’ll require to keep the business operating for at least 1 year.  

Create a Plan 

If you want to make your business idea a reality, you’ve got to have a plan. For those who don’t know, a business plan is an outline that will direct your business from the beginning through its growth. Also, for every new business, having a plan is vital.  

You’ve got to keep in mind that there are various forms of business plans for various forms of businesses.  

A simple 1-page business plan can provide you the clarity about what you want to get and how you plan to do it if you do not expect to seek financial support. The truth is that you can even produce a working business plan on the back of a tissue. Some type of written plan is always better compared to having none.  

Research Everything 

If you are reading this article, chances are you already have an idea for your small business. If that is the case, then you’ve got to balance it with a bit of reality. Do you think that your small business has the possibility to succeed? Before you proceed with your business, you’ll have to run your business idea through a validation process.  

Your business has to solve a problem, provide something that the market needs, or fulfill a need if you want your small business to be successful. All of these things can be discovered by doing your research.